The Interconnection of Beauty

Would you believe me if I told you our collaboration with Lotus Wei began in a boxing gym?  Allow me to explain...  Katie Hess, the founder of Lotus Wei, and I both attended an entrepreneur-focused event by Seed Spot that just so happened to take place in the former South Central boxing gym (now a chic space) in Phoenix, AZ.  We clicked from the moment we met, and our friendship has blossomed ever since.  

Katie’s a big believer in making the world a better place, and her values align beautifully with what we believe at Modern Minerals Makeup. Our mantra, “Beauty is as beauty feels,” comes from the idea that how we feel about ourselves from the inside reflects in our overall beauty on the outside.

When I started using Lotus Wei products, I began to notice a difference in how I felt and consequently, looked.  My go-to Lotus Wei perfumes are “Inspired Action,” for an extra energy boost, “Quiet Mind,” after a busy day, “Inner Peace,” for everyday tranquility, and “Infinite Love,” for everything else in between.  Each one helps to enhance our moods and overall good feelings within us.  My new current favorite is Giant Spider Lily - this is a must-try!

The Lotus Wei Infusion 

Knowing the effectiveness of flower power, I wanted to bring the benefits of Lotus Wei to our makeup line.  With our skin being our largest organ, why not infuse the goodness of Lotus Wei into the makeup we use every day?  That double dose of emotional support goes a long way.

We united two core values to inspire the Lotus Wei infusion:

  • Love of Life: Living in the here and now to find inner strength, self appreciation, everyday gratitude and appreciation for the present moment.
  • Compassion: As demonstrated by our passion for being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, showing compassion to ourselves and others. 

To transmit love of life and compassion, Katie created a special blend of Pink Camellia flower essence and Pink Tourmaline gem essence. Pink Camellia essence is a true awakener of energy around the face and heart; it magnifies those deeper levels of love and appreciation. In the Pink Tourmaline gem essence, we find the promotion of self-love and inner strength with an emphasis on metal compassion and understanding.

To create one beautiful essence for Modern Minerals, Pink Camellia and Pink Tourmaline are artfully blended with lavender, chamomile, rose and neroli. The Lotus Wei infusion culminates in our modern alchemic collection of 5 gorgeous, high-shine lip glosses. These smooth glosses are ones your lips will love with moisturizing ingredients like marine collagen, natural oils and butters.

Each shade brings the emotive properties of gemstone and flower essences to your smile for an uplifting, positive feeling.


Meeting the Beauty of Britanie 

How often does a chance email ignite a friendship?  Surely not often enough but I was lucky to meet the gorgeous beauty blogger, Britanie Faith, through email.  Britanie Faith of the beloved beauty blog, Beauty By Britanie, which emphasizes finding beauty from the inside out and living a balanced life.

Britanie and I connected from the start.  We had such synergy on so many topics from our belief in natural beauty to our shared hormonal issues to our mutual love for Lotus Wei.  

Britanie is an authentic, naturally gorgeous person who loves helping others by sharing her experiences. Her passion for natural living inspired our newest collection of colors with Britanie as our muse. Her boho style takes another form in our “Beauty By Britanie Bohemian Collection.”

Lotus Wei’s flower power and Britanie’s love for natural beauty is interconnected gorgeously in this collection, which includes a bright + happy pink lip gloss and matching blush. Both bring that Pink Camellia flower color to life with an infusion of the Modern Minerals signature blend.

In the collection, you’ll find the “B of Love” lip gloss. Inspired by Britanie’s appreciation for “Be of Love” by E.E. Cummings, this lip gloss encourages you to reaffirm your commitment to speak only of love from your lips.  The “Sweet Thing” blush honors Britanie’s grandmother, Nonnie, and her term of endearment for her granddaughter.  The feeling of love behind this blush is echoed by its purpose.  Britanie was inspired to offer portion of the proceeds from the Beauty By Britanie Bohemian Collection to the American Cancer Society in nods to Nonnie’s 36 years a breast cancer survivor.

It’s no secret that I believe beauty is interconnected, and the synergy our kismet collaborations perfectly reflects this ideal. As you enjoy the latest additions to our modern alchemic collection, I hope you find compassion, inner peace and a little bliss with each and every use.