Speaking Beauty with Rebecca Casciano


I love kismet connections and meeting new friends, especially those who are positively inspiring.  I was fortunate to have another beautiful connection when I met Rebecca Casciano.  

Last year, I received an introduction to Rebecca from Brandie Gilliam, Founding Editor & Creative Director for Thoughtfully Magazine.  Coincidentally the next day, my friend Aimee Raupp contacted me to tell me she had met this amazing makeup artist, natural beauty expert and wellness coach named Rebecca who we should meet up with.  Rebecca is renowned for her ability to facilitate the connection between inner and outer beauty for all women.  Our philosophies around beauty were a perfectly complementary as if designed by the stars, if you will...

The Union of Inner and Outer Beauty

Rebecca's hosts a live, 4-part workshop called the Sacred Beauty Salon Series, which explores beauty from the inside out.  I was fortunate enough to attend Rebecca’s “Speaking Beauty Event.”  This was a Sunday afternoon soirée centered around the power of words, the effects of our inner dialogues, and how these thoughts can be transformed into true beauty.

When Rebecca invited me to a beauty event, I was excited to connect with others and debut our new Goddess shade of Modern Minerals lip gloss color collaboration together.  I really didn’t know what I was in store for…  

The event began with a meditation and group introductions, led by Rebecca. Then special guest, Self Love Guru Nitika Chopra.  She shared her own personal story about her journey to self-love and acceptance.  She’s incredibly sweet, charming and funny - it was so great to hear!

We were given our first exercise, which was simply taking turns giving compliments to the person next to us and going around to each person in the room.  Of course its so easy to give compliments to one another, but accepting them is often another story!  Tapping into this discordance, we were instructed to accept the kind remarks by saying, “Thank you. It’s true.” and not just say it, but believe it to be true!  Yes, it is harder than it sounds.

At first glance, this exercise seems simple.  But digging a little deeper, I found beauty and transformation in the simplicity of hearing and actually accepting compliments.  What an experience to hear others point out the loveliest things about yourself (that you may have never noticed) and openly and honestly accept them.

The event culminated in the experience of sisterhood.  By the time we had given and accepted these compliments, we were all elevated and giddy from laughter and tears of joy.  This sacred afternoon epitomized empowerment transformed through our words and thoughts.  I think we would all agree, we all left feeling more ‘beautiful’ than when we arrived. 

A Shared Path to Self-Love, Beauty and Health

Of course, connections like these are destined to bring about wonderful things.  At Modern Minerals, our mantra is “Beauty is as beauty feels.”  We create a contemporary alchemic collaboration of natural makeup infused with the emotive essences of gemstones and flowers custom created by Lotus Wei.

The emotive benefits of makeup can evoke feelings of peace, love, bliss and more, which in turn, show on our faces. Rebecca’s focus on supporting the Modern Day Goddess couples beautifully with our values at Modern Minerals.

To honor this focus on empowering conversation and beauty rituals, we’ve created a gorgeous new shade of Modern Minerals Makeup lip gloss. Inspired by Rebecca Casciano’s Sacred Beauty Salon Series, the Goddess shade is a lush, sheer red, designed to bring out the inner goddess in every woman.

Infused with Lotus Wei’s gemstone + flower essences, our Goddess lip gloss magnifies the self-love that Rebecca’s Sacred Beauty Salon Series allows women to find within themselves.

Through guided dialogues, writing exercises, group conversations and demonstrations of beauty products, you’ll discover that your inner beauty is reflected in your outer beauty and their union is everlasting.

As you check out our Goddess lip gloss, be sure to tap into your divine beauty with Rebecca Casciano’s Sacred Beauty Salon Series.

Visit Rebecca on Facebook to get regular beauty inspiration and find out about the next Sacred Beauty Salon Series.

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Photos by Jess Arnaudin