Summer Beauty Foods

Summer Beauty Foods

Summer is a beautiful time to reconnect with nature and allow life’s hectic pace to slow down (if even just a little!) But as temperatures rise and the pace of life slows down, it’s easy to overdo it on the hot sun; damaging our delicate skin and hair. To keep you cool and nourished all season long, here are three summer superfoods to incorporate into your all-natural beauty routine..


Beauty Basics: Skin saver.

Slightly higher in Vitamin C than oranges, strawberries are packed with potent antioxidants and liver purifying elements; keeping the body hydrated, cleansed, and protected by free radicals (like harmful UV rays).

Beauty Moves: Multitasking strawberry smoothie + face mask.

Blend strawberries with Greek yogurt, a splash of honey, and your favourite combo of fruits (pineapple, banana, and or kiwi are always big hits) and you have a smoothie and face mask in one! Sip away or simply cleanse your face and apply the blended ingredients to your skin. These acidic fruits contain salicylic acids; gently exfoliating your face without any harsh scrubs or synthetic chemicals. 


Beauty Basics: Bright eyes, soft skin, shiny hair.

Meet your summer salad’s new best friend. Avocados are the perfect pairing for nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables because they’re rich in lutein and support carotenoid absorption (to keep your peepers working perfectly). They also bring their own health benefits to the party; beta-carotene (Vitamin A) and tocopherol (Vitamin E) are amazing antioxidants for fighting free radicals.

Beauty Moves: Cooling avocado mask.

Mix avocados into your beauty routine to help repair sun damage. Blend an avocado (pit and skin removed) with 2 TBSPs each of olive oil and honey. Slip the whipped green goodness over your hair and face while you sit in a lukewarm tub to cool down after a long day in the heat. Rinse with gentle cleanser and shampoo, then enjoy silky smooth skin and hair. 


Beauty Basics:

Coconut chips, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil ... the world is cuckoo for coconuts and it’s easy to understand why. Coconut water carries natural electrolytes, the compounds needed to quickly rehydrate, and coconuts have always been a wonderful internal cooling agent. Though there are a multitude of benefits to coconut oil, it’s nourishing and anti-fungal properties make it the perfect foot moisturizer for a season full of beach walks and strolls in sandals.

Beauty Moves: Foot Scrub

In a glass jar, mix equal parts coconut oil and raw sugar. In the bathtub, massage the oil and sugar on your feet, allowing the sugar to slough-off the dead skin while the coconut oil moisturizes your skin. Rub for at least 2-3 minutes, then rinse. For ultra-nourishment, moisturize with more coconut oil and wear socks until the oil is absorbed.