The Power of Flowers

The Power of Flowers

It’s no secret I am a fan of flowers, roses in particular. From their scent to soft petals, everything about them enchants me. In fact, I have to have a collection on my desk and at my place at all times. I even spritz Lotus Wei’s Infinite Love Mist around to bring the aroma of rose to life wherever I go.

To create a collection that truly reflects beauty inspired by nature, Modern Minerals has brought Lotus Wei on board to whip up a custom blend for our new line of lip glosses. Known for their luscious elixirs and captivating fragrances, Lotus Wei focused on pink tourmaline and pink camellia properties to enhance these exquisite lip glosses.

Modern Minerals Is Coming Up Roses

It should come to no surprise then that roses are the inspiration for Modern Minerals Makeup’s newest cosmetic collection. Our latest collection of eyeshadows are infused with rose petal extract. For several months now, I have been working alongside my chemist to ensure that the essence of rose comes alive with each and every use.

To create a collection that truly reflects beauty inspired by nature, Modern Minerals has created a collection of eyeshadows that are infused with rose petal extract and blended with coconut, naturally designed for hydration. This new blended formula can help to prevent premature aging and many more benefits.

Why Roses?

There are many incredible benefits roses provide for our skin, mood and sense of being, it’s no wonder the flower is having a sort of resurgence in the beauty world. You may be wondering what makes roses so popular. Let’s dive right in to some of the biggest advantages to adding roses to your personal care routine.

First, you’re in very good company. Roses have a history of raising spirits and making people feel lovely. They’ve been used since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans for decoration, beauty and bathing. If you want to feel like a classic beauty, these buds are an excellent place to start.

Next, roses are actually a pretty powerful skincare aid. Don’t be fooled by how soft and sweet they look; they can really pack a punch in the best way possible. Rose oil has been shown to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone that causes inflammation. If your skin has been looking broken out, red or tired, inflammation may be to blame.

You’ve probably used toners to tighten your pores and reduce shine. But did you know rosewater is actually one of the originals? It works to eliminate excess oil but soothes the skin instead of drying it out.

Finally, roses are chock full of vitamin C, a top-notch antioxidant. This helps to combat skins of aging in your skin by repairing cell damage. It turns out these flowers make us look and feel beautiful and blissful.