Emotive Beauty


Inner alchemy for outer beauty

We believe beauty is whole, and interconnected, and that our emotive qualities are reflected in our physical features.  With mindful moods, we can empower ourselves by making thoughtful choices and living gracefully on this earth.   Emotive makeup is based on the belief that we are as beautiful as we feel.  

In our modern world it is impossible to avoid chemicals entirely.  We strive to formulate our makeup with the most natural ingredients we can.  Emotive beauty is about focusing on “non-toxic emotions”.   Both positive and negative emotions also produce a chemical reaction in our body.  We believe that negative emotions can be just as disruptive, creating disharmony.  Our mission is to help our customer balance her inner alchemy, promoting positive emotions and good feelings about herself and her choices.  

We have worked with Katie Hess, founder of Lotus Wei to create a special flower and energetic gemstone essence that we have infused in some our makeup formulations.  

Lotus Wei incorporates the energetic properties of gemstone and flower essences to uplift and awaken positivity.  In following Lotus Wei's formulas, the flower and gemstone essence magnifies:  Love, inner strength, compassion and living in the present moment.

Pink camellia flowers + pink tourmaline gemstones are combined with a light floral fragrance naturally composed of lavender, chamomile, rose and neroli.

Our emotive formulas can be found in our Emotive lip glosses.

We believe makeup should help us feel and thus look beautiful.  

Beauty is as beauty feels

One more reason to feel good about shopping with us...

“Your purchase of Modern Minerals products purchased here includes a 5% donation of sales to Rainforest Trust – an organization that helps purchase and protect tropical habitat to save endangered species by working with local organizations and communities throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia.”