How to Find Your Shade

How to choose the best foundation shade for you:

Since selecting a fitting foundation might be a bit tricky, here’s a helpful two-step approach to arriving at your answer:  First, determine your skin tone. Second, determine your skin tone’s depth of color.


What is your skin tone? Are you warm, cool or neutral?

Your skin tone is informed by the undertone of your skin. One way you can determine if you’re warm, cool or neutral is to examine your closet and consider which colors you believe look best on you. If you look best in crisp whites or cool blues, you might have a cool undertone to your skin. If you rummage through your jewelry box, do you look better in gold versus silver? You might have a warm undertone.


Modern Minerals foundations are categorized as follows:

If you are warm – Honey may be best

If you are cool –  Beach may be best

If you are neutral – Almond may be best


What is the depth of your skin color?

  1. Light
  2. Medium
  3. Golden (shades of amber)
  4. Bronze (shades of auburn)
  5. Sienna
  6. Mocha (our richest shade)

The Color Test

  1. Make sure you’re in a well-lit space (natural daylight is preferable) with access to a clean mirror.
  2. Eye each shade and determine which three most closely match your own skin tone.
  3. Create a swatch of each color along your jaw line. 

The color hardest to detect is likely the most appropriate shade for you.  

P.S.  Keep in mind, your skin tone can change a little each season.  Don't forget to sign up for emails if you want to know when we have custom blending events  n our skin tone changes slightly, so your foundation shade may change too.

We have sample sizes which can be purchased in mini sets.  We strongly encourage you to try SAMPLES if you are not sure of your shade.  

Once you find your perfect shade, please use this CODE:  MYSHADE to get 15% off when you order your full size foundation.

Please note that full size foundations are not refundable.  We strongly encourage you try the sample sizes first.