Why We Love Loose Minerals

When assembling your cosmetics collection, we’re convinced foundation should be top on your list of makeup bag must-haves.  This essential product evens skin tone, diminishes blemishes, leaves a light + natural finish.

Modern Minerals foundation fits this description to a tee.  We love our loose mineral powder for a number of reasons, but most of all because it adheres seamlessly to your skin, enabling you to pick which kind of coverage you prefer: sheer, medium or full.  Whatever degree of coverage you choose, our formulas are lightweight enough to ensure you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.  No nanoparticles or micronized minerals, no unnecessary extra fillers, no animal testing or species-derived ingredients. 

The top three reasons Modern Minerals loves loose mineral powder:

  1. Loose powder is derived from mineral ingredients.  Mineral ingredients translate to true colors, which last longer on your face throughout the day. Therefore, not as much makeup is needed to keep your skin looking like you.  We believe in a “less is more” approach to cosmetics application; the less you look like you’re trying to cover your complexion the better.  A build-able finish that appears natural is the preferable effect, for you and your admirers.
  2. Loose powder has staying power. There’s power in the powder.  Loose powder helps absorb natural oils that our skin generates throughout the day.  Touch-ups prove remarkably easy; simply applying a sheer layer keeps shine in check and sustains even skin tone without worry of looking heavy or cakey.
  3. With loose powder, you enjoy the best of both worlds: a custom amount of coverage and no unnecessary fillers. Just mineral color with a feather-light finish.

Seasons change and so too does our complexion. However, with loose mineral powder, it’s a breeze to mix and match shades and adjust accordingly for an appropriate tone throughout the year, no matter the month!