Finish:  Shimmer

    Description:  Gorgeous + lightly golden

    If ever there were an eyeshadow superbly suited for celebration, this would be it. This golden-hued mineral makeup lends lids gilded detail, unrivaled by any bottle of bubbly, whatever its status, from chic to elite. This shadow, with its tasteful twinkle, says it’s time to make merriment, pop the cork and toast — to the New Year, new job, new beau…whatever the occasion. Sweep it on peepers and get thee to a place of party. Bottoms up!  

    Light shimmery gold with a hint of bronze. a.k.a: Fireside Sparks

    Ingredients:  (+/-) Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, Iron Oxide. 

    Net wt. av. 2 g / .07oz