The Complete Set of our Beauty Brushes

The Complete Set of our Beauty Brushes

The Collection

Brush collection of 4 ~ Save $10 

A face brush for flawless foundation and the perfect 3 easy eye make up brushes.  All synthetic, hand-made, hypoallergenic, vegan and animal fur-free.  

These Duo-fiber brushes are created with 2 layers of soft fibers.  The nature of the duo fiber allows you to apply powder with ease and create a soft-focus coverage. The ultra lightweight fibers hold a light amount of powder allowing you to have varying custom coverage.  Apply onto skin in small strokes or lightly buff until you achieve desired coverage/color. 

•  Tap some mineral powder in the container cap

•  Twirl your brush in the powder

•  Tap the excess powder off of the brush

Made from synthetic fibers.  Vegan.